Yardwaste Composting

With the most experience in yardwaste composting in Minnesota, SKB Environmental accepts yardwaste (brush, leaves, grass) for composting. Yardwaste delivered to our facilities will be processed to a finished compost product or chipped into a mulch.


Compost can have a variety of benefits as a soil amendment including the ability of the soil to absorb air and moisture, the suppression of weed growth, and decrease erosion. There are numerous end use applications from the residential level for gardens and planter boxes to large-scale agricultural operations.

Yardwaste may be delivered to any of these facilities: Malcolm, Blaine (call first).

Yard Waste Yard Waste  - 2

Composting comes Full Circle

Grass, leaves, and brush waste is composted into a useful soil amendment that returns valuable nutrients back to the soil.