MSW Ash Metals Recycling

SKB Environmental supports waste-to-energy in Minnesota and in addition to providing an environmentally safe and responsible disposal option for municipal solid waste combustor ash

Magnetically Seperated

We also are able to magnetically separate and recycle ferrous metals from the ash. Additionally, we separate some non-ferrous metals such as copper or aluminium. Salvaging these valuable metals reduces costs, in addition to saving valuable landfill space.

The entire process takes place inside our triple-lined ash cell, ensuring that the ash is contained in an appropriate disposal area. The metal is picked using a magnet and passes over a screen to ensure that the metal is clean and safe for recycling end-markets.

MSW Ash Metals Recycling

Heavy Metal

Since 2004, SKB has recovered over 40,000 tons of metal from the MSW ash received from the Hennepin County Energy Recovery Center (HERC).