Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Transfer

MSW Transfer - Blaine

SKB offers an alternative to long haul disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW) with the Malcolm Avenue and Blaine Environmental Campus Processing and Transfer Facilities.

MSW Transfer - Malcolm

The economical transfer of waste hinges on three important factors: location, location, location. The Malcolm Avenue facility is located in the heart of the Minneapolis/St.Paul metro area and the Blaine Environmental Campus is strategically located to serve the northern Metro area. Their convenient, centralized locations provide an attractive, cost-saving alternative to long-distance direct haul to remote disposal facilities.

The MSW sent to our facilities is transferred to only the best permitted waste-to-energy facilities or state-of-the-art landfills with gas-to-energy. We do this to ensure our customers and the public that their waste will be handled and disposed of properly.

Facility Locations: Malcolm , Blaine.

MSW Transfer