Waste Acceptance

Rigorous quality control and assurance procedures are the basis for SKB Rosemount operations.

All wastes received at the SKB Rosemount facility must have a pre-acceptance profile completed and authorized prior to delivery. Incoming waste is inspected, sampled, and compared with manifests and with its pre-acceptance profile.

Rosemount Lab

SKB Rosemount will perform a pre-acceptance review which includes a chemical and physical profile of the material and a description of the process from which the waste is generated. A TCLP test and representative sample of the material must be provided prior to delivery and the generator must certify that the material is non-hazardous. Additional data may be required. The laboratory analyses can be provided by the generator or may be conducted as a service arranged through SKB.

Rosmount Scale

Upon arrival, all incoming loads are inspected for physical appearance (texture, color, etc) and compared with the pre-acceptance waste profile. The piece count and contents are checked against shipping papers to verify accuracy. In addition, a sample of the material is taken for on-site laboratory analyses and confirmatory testing. Rejected loads are either returned to the customer or shipped to an alternate appropriate disposal site at the customer's request and expense.

SKB Rosemount quality control ensures that strict waste acceptance protocols are followed at all times. Regulatory agency inspections are conducted to ensure environmental protection procedures are followed. We believe that quality assurance provides peace of mind for our customers.