Design Safeguards

SKB Rosemount was designed and constructed to provide the highest level of environmental protection.

Liner Diagram

The design standards for the SKB Rosemount facility exceed Federal Subtitle D and State standards for industrial waste facilities. Each cell at the facility is lined with a triple liner system. The primary 80 mil HDPE liner, underlain by a 60 mil HDPE secondary liner, underlain by a tertiary liner consisting of clay or Claymax®.

Rosemount Liner Construction

The robust design incorporates two leachate collection systems with all leachate being treated at a wastewater treatment plant adjoining the site. In the unlikely event of a leak in the primary liner, the secondary liner system allows for immediate detection, collection of leachate, and repair of the liner without risking environmental health.

An extensive network of groundwater monitoring wells is regularly sampled to test up and down gradient water quality.