Industrial Waste Disposal

SKB Environmental provides management services and environmentally secure disposal for non-hazardous industrial waste and municipal solid waste (MSW) incinerator ash.

We work with each customer to evaluate their particular disposal needs and develop a management program that will ensure convenient, efficient, cost-effective disposal services that minimize environmental risk. The peace of mind that SKB’s commitment to environmental protection ensures has made it the disposal choice of some of Minnesota’s largest companies (3M, Xcel Energy, Flint Hills Resources), growing small businesses, and development projects of all sizes.

Rosemount Office

Built in 1992, the state-of-the-art SKB Rosemount disposal facility is the only one of it’s kind in Minnesota—meeting and exceeding the most stringent federal and state regulations. Facility safeguards include dual synthetic liners, an impermeable clay liner, and two leachate collection systems. Ample capacity is available well beyond 2020.

All waste delivered to the facility must have prior approval for disposal. Our on-site lab and resident chemist check each delivery against its pre-approved "fingerprint." This allows SKB to verify that the waste at the gate is the same waste that was pre-approved. SKB's computerized tracking system documents chain-of-custody as well as the precise coordinates of disposal. SKB operations personnel are all certified landfill operators.

SKB’s Lansing Landfill located in Austin, MN is also permitted to accept industrial waste and serves industrial waste generators in Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa.  Like our industrial waste landfills, SKB Lansing has been designed and constructed to meet or exceed Federal Subtitle D landfill design standards.

In addition to our top tier disposal services, SKB can also assist customers by arranging transportation services, site remediation, and laboratory services to meet their needs.

Facility Locations: RosemountLansing, and Rich Valley.

Industrial Disposal

Protecting the Environment is Job One

In the waste disposal industry, environmental protection means security. Our customers choose SKB because of the security we offer through our unparalleled facility design, waste acceptance, and operating excellence.

The SKB's facilities were designed and constructed to provide the highest level of environmental protection—well beyond the strictest Federal and State requirements. Going above and beyond offers our customers and the public the peace-of-mind they deserve.

Our flawless operating record of never having received a violation at any of our facilities in our entire operating history is proof of our tireless commitment to doing things the right way.