LEED Certification

SKB Recycling believes in the recycling and processing of C&D waste and is a proud member of the Construction Materials Recycling Association (CMRA) and the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

USGBC’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program is an internationally recognized third-party certification program for green-building projects.

Use SKB for your LEED project

SKB’s Integrated C&D Recycling System achieves among the highest recovery rates and will help your project achieve up to 2 LEED certification points (for MR2.1 & MR2.2). In addition to our recycling services, purchasing recycled material products from SKB (such as recycled concrete, asphalt, shingles, etc.) will count toward LEED credits for Recycled Content (MR4.1 & MR4.2) and Regional Materials (MR5.1 & MR5.2).

LEED Certification

SKB Recycling will provide contractors and consultants with all the documentation necessary for your LEED project certification. We track every load that enters our system and every load of recycled material and residuals we send out. SKB Recycling’s Integrated C&D Recycling System is unique in that we have multiple facilities conveniently located in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, which offers our customers the ability to efficiently route their loads—reducing transportation time, fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

SKB Recycling also help your project meet Minnesota's Sustainable Building Guidelines (B3) 75% landfill diversion rate for C&D.

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Recycling Totals & Percentages

Here are SKB Recycling’s annual LEED totals and percentages for 2012:

Materials In Tons
Rosemount 32,188.96
Malcolm 9,163.32
Blaine 117.73
Total In 41,470.01
Estimated Tons
Materials Recycled Tons Recov. %
Wood 494.11 1.19%
Concrete 13,985.75 33.72%
Ferris Metal 2482.60 5.99%
Aluminum 0 0.00%
Other Metals 344.64 0.83%
Cardboard 0 0.00%
Fines 0 0.00%
Shingles 10,841.44 26.14%
TOTAL RECYCLED 28,148.54 67.88%

Total Residual Material Tons: 13,321.47

SKB Recycling's LEED recycling totals represent only materials recycled from C&D waste and does not reflect material recycling from other waste streams.