Industry Leadership

Industry leadership has always been a founding principle of SKB Environmental. We pride ourselves on always being on the cutting-edge of the recycling, processing, and disposal facets of the waste industry.

SKB is proud of these accomplishments:

  • Our compliance record is unequalled. SKB has never received a citation or notice of violation for any of our operations in our entire history.
  • First in Minnesota to develop a state-of-the-art landfill for C & D wastes equipped with a liner to protect our groundwater.
  • First to develop a large-scale C&D waste recycling/processing facility in Minnesota.
  • First and only commercial Industrial disposal facility in Minnesota to incorporate a triple-liner/dual-leachate collection system to protect our groundwater resources.
  • First in Minnesota to develop and operate a processing facility for MSW food waste composting and to develop a network for processing large volumes of organic waste in Minnesota.
  • Participated in numerous advisory committees helping Minnesota government agencies shape progressive environmental regulations.
  • Earned the high regard, respect, and rapport of all regulatory and permitting agencies.
  • Customer loyalty because we're committed to customer satisfaction, service, and value.
  • 2002 Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award

In the future, we pledge to improve upon these accomplishments by continuing to meet our environmental responsibilities, be partners with our communities, and be committed to customer satisfaction, service, and value.

History of SKB Environmental

Commitment to Leadership

SKB believes that industry leadership means making a commitment to being an active participant in the organizations that shape our industry.

We are proud to serve and be members of:

As well as members of numerous other groups working on planning, management, and regulation of the waste industry.